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football player of the next generation!
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About Kerlon and Kerlon Biography

Playing with his father Silvino, the young Kerlon Moura Souza demonstrated a skill that made his father realize his huge potential to become a professional football player. Kerlon kicked the ball up to his head and would dribble the ball as if it was tied to his head - with absolute precision and control. This he could do while running, changing directions and even changing speed. This is the story often told about Kerlon and his trick the Seal Dribble. It wonít be long before this story ends with the phrase "and the rest they say is history".

KerlonAt the moment, the world is closely watching the young manís every move as he has already been named the next Ronaldinho. Whether the young man becomes more or equally successful as Ronaldinho, all depends on his ability to play the big men against tough games and whether he makes the right choices in his professional career.

Kerlon was born on January 27, 1988 in Ipatinga, Brazil. People first noticed his football prowess when he represented Brazil in the South American Under-17 Championship in April 2005. In just over a year, Kerlon has created so much noise that websites and Internet forums are already abuzz with his name. He is also being considered by English, Spanish and Italian teams to play for them.

There were reports of Manchester United pursuing the young football star to play for the team with his skills as added advantage in the teamís bid for the Premiership (FA Premier League), but Kerlon has renewed his contract with Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, a Brazilian football team. Kerlonís contract with Cruzeiro, which was renewed in 2005, is said to be valid until 2009. At the youth level, Kerlon wore the number 10 jersey for his team. He truly is an asset to Cruzeiro and his future teams. Aside from Manchester United, Kerlonís name was also linked to F.C. Internazionale Milano and Associazione Calcio Milan, both Italian teams. Now he is in Chievo Verona, Italy.

At only 18 years old, Kerlon still has enough time to mature, further develop his skills and choose the team that will highlight his game and make his story that of success. After all, Ronaldinho, who Kerlon is being compared to, at the age of 26 is at the top of his game.

Aside from the Seal Dribble, so called because it resembles the sealís trick of bouncing the ball on its snout and head, Kerlon also has several other tricks and skills. He is said to be a magnificent free-kicker. This skill is especially handy because opponents are often left with no choice but to foul him in defense. He is a center forward but he has also played the midfield role. His team Cruzeiro was named Campeonato Mineiro in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

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